Debajo están algunos Web sites que Internacional apoya...

The following organizations are some of our friends we support:

JESUS CHRIST, The WORD made flesh: This is what we believe and affirm.

Voice of the Martyrs . . . Richard Wurmbrand, Founder - outreach to the persecuted church throughout the world. For prisoner updates... GO TO: Prisoner Alert... and write! Tell our young people, educate our kids. They can help to make these NATIONS famous!

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch started by Kim Meeder and her husband; its an amazing ranch filled with the love, and joy and peace of the Lord Jesus who gave His life for us; that we might be empowered to live for Him.

China Soul for Christ Foundation . . . Chinese intellectuals (who are men and women of faith) addressing the urgent issues of the persecuted church throughout China in the 21st century. Visit their English Website link.

ONE FOR ISRAEL - men and women who grew up in Jerusalem and met their Messiah, the LORD JESUS, and love Him

Persecution: International Christian Concern . . . especially those currently imprisoned and facing death sentences for their faith.

MissionWorks International Feztus Lim, Founder . . . providing assistance and education to leaders and the young congregants in 2,400(+) registered churches in Yunnan, China; Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). If you are keen to either be a part of the projects and business opportunities there, or go there to do educational teaching, counseling and training, contact us and we will direct you with more exciting information and details. We are glad to help our friend, Feztus Lim in this prodigious task in western China.

  • Studio Classroom - Friends for Life - sala de clase del estudio - Amigos para la vida - aprenda la lengua inglesa en el Internet
  • A. W. Tozer - mensajes piadosos de A. W. Tozer
  • UNO PARA ISRAEL - hombres y mujeres que crecieron en Jerusalén y encontraron a su Mesías, el Señor Jesús, y le amaban
  • Learn Assyrian - aprenda todo sobre la cultura asiria
  • Jerusalem Post - lea el periódico principal de Jerusalén en el Internet
  • Egyptian Daily News - lea el periódico diario del egipt en el Internet
  • Reina-Valera Antigua - lea la Biblia en español en el Internet - ¿quién es Israel en las islas? ¿qué nación de las islas protegerá a Jerusalén en los días finales?
  • Veritas Vincit - La Gran Pirámide de Giza - descubra siete maravillas en del mundo; La Gran Pirámide de Giza - La Gran Pirámide de Giza

  • Amazing Discoveries - Exposing deceptions
  • Una visión extraña del águila de las tres-cabezas - Cesaer de Roma; Kaiser de Alemania; Tzar de Rusia - la regla insana del buitre-a'guila
  • Ministerios de Amor & Cecilia B. Pezet - haber respetado, internacionalmente NGO del renombre que abriga a los niños de la calle de México

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