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These files were first created as a resource, prompted by conversations with sergeants, colonels, captains, commanders, and new enlistees — men and women of faith, serving in the armed forces and special forces of America committed to protect and defend this Great Nation.

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Mount of Olives


GATHER yourselves together; that I will tell you what will befall you in the last days... spoke Jacob to his sons more than 3000 years ago. Genesis 49:1

GOD’s many unconditional promises to Abraham, Isaac,Jacob and Ephraim ... were NATIONAL; not ETERNAL. HE intended through these birthright descendants… to show the nations HIS FAITHFULNESS in time; when HE speaks... it happens. Why? To help us when MESSIAH came... to understand HIS FAITHFULNESS for all eternity; when HE speaks the forever promises they will happen, also.

God's faithfulness in TIME... can be clearly seen by anybody willing to take a look at GOD's PROMISES to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (later named Israel when he was about 100 years old) and last of all to Ephraim and their descendents forever... whether or not their descendants deserved GOD's loving kindness and mercy to them.

This study - THE PROMISES is about commitments GOD made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ephraim - our fathers of faith in the living GOD... and to their generations of children forever... who would do well to also be faithful to the living GOD.

THE PROMISES magnify how wonderful our faithful GOD is... as HE keeps His Word to us in time. BUT when HERODIAN proxies infiltrate to seize power, to dominate, to embezzle for their own purposes and destroy, then we have to acknowledge something has gone terribly wrong -- starting with citizens who grew careless; and their love for God grew cold.

DOCUMENTARY: THOSE of ancient ROME mentality (those who have no king but caesar) WHO ARE BEHIND EVERY MAJOR EVENT IN RECENT YEARS -- this is what prophet Daniel warned us about; part of the LAST BEAST GOVT smashing and destroying until the whole world is broken. Without a doubt God intended Manaseeh's GREAT NATION AND Ephraim's GREATER COMMUNITY OF NATIONS AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD: WERE TO BE BLESSINGS TO THE WORLD; BUT THE LAST BEAST GOVTof Rome will infiltrat THEM; which WE clearly see in the political leadership and news readers of the day: full of Roman devotees.

In the era of fake NEWS and global injustice and massive crime, especially with all the missing children -- the least, the most vulnerable throughout the world; we are in an information war; no different than those who lived in the Dark Ages. Daniel tells us that media will be mostly controlled by the last global govt. In the Bible, we repeatedly read about the descendants of the good King David, king after king, royal after royal… they did evil in the sight of the Lord. A closer look at what Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel saw, clearly tells us: faithless Ephraim, faithless Manasseh and faithless Judah will all be dealt with, on one of the three days still on the calendar of the Lord.

Someone who trusts in the LORD, who seeks His help... builds life differently than those helped by a fool, a villain or a charlatan. This study is NOT about how wonderful any people are (or aren't). As a matter of fact, some of the people might be faithful and grateful to Almighty GOD; while the vast majority are faithless and ungrateful... and downright ignorant of His blessings. Remember Jesus Christ already said: to whom much is given... much will be required. (Luke 12:48) Frankly, the nation that turns its back on the living God - even the 2 nations mentioned here, having lost their moral authority - with a genius leadership over-populated with fools and thieves and robbers... is worthy of the shit pile of world history... now,should anyone be offended with that word, the King James Version - KJV would say: the dunghill -- same place.

This study inadequately declares the Wonders of GOD's love found in the promised Word, which He gave long ago... promises about a commonwealth of nations and a great nation at the center of the world... existing when the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled - even if those nations have turned their backs on the living God... and foolishly seek to embezzle His promises for their own greedy purposes. World, pay attention: If that is the case, HE will deal with them. These PROMISES do not exhaust all the promises GOD has made.

Here's a simple question you ought to ask yourself or your friends living in a sceptical science and research generation that disbelieves most things:
    Is there really a war going on against the West? Yes but it is not what we've been told. It is the DS criminals in every country the people are fighting. Isaiah 19: 24 speaks of the last days... when the time of the Gentiles comes to an end... and Isaiah declares to the world: whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel Mine inheritance. That doesn't sound like a war does it? The prophet Daniel lets us know,if there is a beastial govt all peoples of the earth should be wary of, it is the fourth beast kingdom (Daniel 2:40-44; Daniel 7:7, 19-26; Daniel 8:23-25) strong as iron... that will still be working its global schemes - pitting nations and peoples against each other, smashing and destroying until the whole world is broken... until the day the God of heaven sets up a kingdom. Until then, Daniel tell us it is the fourth kingdom with a global agenda... that should be our caution, which history tells us is roman. Isn;t it interesting that Manasseh would become a great nation at the center of the world, and the Battle of Manassas is where they first fought the opening salvos of the American Civil War.

    This link is available in case you missed: RUSSIA and the USA.


    Here's a question: what Nation (if you had to only name one)... what people do you suppose will literally be called on to help protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem - the City loved by GOD... to where the Church world believes the Lord Jesus Christ / the Messiah will someday return - in these last days?

The answer - this essay on The Promises of GOD - we ought not forget.


GOD our Father in heaven is very loving... He gave many promises. Some were conditional; others were not. Not all the promises GOD gave are fulfilled in the generations of JUDAH (father of the Jewish people), in the Church, or even in Jesus Christ.

    Promises to JUDAH - father of the Jewish people - Remember: Jacob, who wrestled with the Angel; the LORD changed Jacob's name to ISRAEL after this event. JACOB/ISRAEL had 12 sons. In Genesis 49 we read, each son was given specific promises of blessing - but NOT the birthright promises. JUDAH and his progeny (hundreds of years later) would be first known as a Jewish nation after their return from Babylonian captivity. Efraín >JUDAH was given very specific promises of blessing by his father such as: 1. he will be as a lion, 2. his brothers would bow down before him; and 3. the scepter to rule and a law giver would never depart from him until Shiloh comes to reign. But JUDAH did not receive God's cumulative Birthright promises of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ephraim. You can read about GOD's promises in Genesis 49:8-12.

    Additionally, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ephraim were not Jewish (11 of Jacob's sons - Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, and Benjamin) were not Jewish; they were Hebrews. Very few Hebrews are Jewish because JUDAH is the father of the Jewish people. But they all are brothers.

    Promises to the Church can be best understood in 2 Corinthians 2:20 Paul wrote: All the promises of God through [Jesus Christ] are YES and AMEN... to the glory of God the Father. GOD is not uncertain about HIS temporal or eternal plans. When HE says something, it becomes FACT - everything from Light... be (and it was)... to WE make adam in Our image, after Our likeness (and HE is still working on that one - obviously - because I'm still here typing this... you're still there reading it... and heaven and earth haven't passed away... yet!)

    Promises to Jesus Christ Who will return as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, who said, "MY Kingdom is not of this world." If it was - HE could call LEGIONS to come fight for Him. Other promises to Jesus include: one day, every knee shall bow to Him.
    JESUS CHRIST, The WORD made flesh This is what we believe and affirm. The Resurrection

Now, don't worry about asking, "When will all the promises of GOD be fulfilled?" We'd all love to know. But unlike us, GOD is not a slave to TIME... any more than HE's a slave to HIS own creation. When HE wants whatever to happen, it does. We quickly learn that GOD is not like us. With all the power available to HIM, HE isn't into a lot of special effects and showing off. Don't worry about when GOD will decide to make all things new. We read in 2 Esdras: none of us is concerned about the creation... more than The CREATOR Himself. In the meantime, these promises - the ones GOD gave Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ephraim were going to be fulfilled in their children's children - a major population group continually growing and prospering till the end of time.

Yet, there is a curious reality to GOD's word. In spite of not locating certain details such as thumb prints or street addresses, we might want to heed the aged-father ISRAEL's advice to his sons when he says to them, "Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you what will befall you in the last days" - Genesis 49. In other words, father ISRAEL established a "starting point" to understanding GOD's faithfulness to His Word... worked out in his children's children on the stage of history, adequate information, enough for anybody to figure out, if they choose to look.

To the critics or the skeptics, who usually have the faith of a hammer - and think people of faith are a little "wack" - these PROMISES might have no attraction to you. All of us have heard the know-it-all's who'll ask things like, "Can GOD make a rock so big that HE can't lift it?" Of course HE can. HE can do anything. But HE's not that stupid! To the wise-guys who ask such silly questions, watch out! After HE makes a rock so big HE can't lift it, HE just might pick it up and put it on their heads. After all, HE's GOD! - Don't put HIM in our box! HE's a little bigger and a little smarter than any of us!

to the rest of us, let's get on with learning about GOD's Promises.


We need to ask ourselvesWHERE are the promises to Abraham and his generations fulfilled? And then, as we review the following PROMISES with our best investigative skills engaged and with eyes wide-opened, take some time to consider the answers we discover. You'll be amazed! And be proud of GOD, too!

Inductive reasoning (to infer) draws its conclusion about something from particular facts, statements, or promises. Deductive reasoning is to conclude from general principles.

So let's gather around; and start with 9 points we learn from history:
  • Genesis 12 - at LUZ (Bethel) Abram; Genesis 25:11-22 The Place is called Bethel... and the Stone where Jacob rested his head is called Bethel, Genesis 35:6; Psalm 114

  • Primogeniture = first born. Inheritor of birthright promises beginning with Abraham, passed on to Isaac, to Jacob and then...
  • Genesis 48-49 Joseph's two sons (1/2 Egyptian) were MANASSEH (promised to become a great nation at the center of the world) and EPHRAIM (promised to become a commonwealth of nations at the center of the world. So they should be in the news.)
    Little known is the history of two Egyptian Obelisks dating to 1500bc when Joseph ruled in Egypt... in recent times gifted to London and New York City - relocated in the heart of the two most populous cities in the world of the 1800's. Visit: Cleopatra's Needles
  • 1 Chronicles 5:1-2 (written in the Southern Kingdom of JUDAH) states Ruben was the firstborn of Jacob, but... the birthright went to Joseph's two sons (and THIS fact is stated twice)
  • Exodus(es) from Egypt - (Actually, there were two departures according to Dioderus Siculus).
    The First Exodus by sea - when the wealthy descendants of Zarah escaped lower Egypt crossing the Mediterranian Sea to form the Grecian City-States; after to become the Militians of Spain remembered in the name Zaragoza on the Iberian ("Eber" = "Hbr" the same as Hebrew -- "ian" = "land") peninsula - Iber-ain. Later, the Iberians colonized: New Iberain (New Ireland).
    The Second Exodus (and most familiar exodus) was by land when the descendants of Perez - were led by Moses through the Wilderness to the Promised Land. Zarah and Perez were the twin sons of JUDAH and Tamar (his daughter-in-law) - Genesis 39 Check out: History of Scotland

    Isn't genetics and DNA research interesting? Joseph's 2 sons were 1/2-Egyptian; and Scotia -- where Scotland gets its name, according to ancient Irish history, was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh; in Egypt during the Hyksos era - the foreign shepherds era, numerous mummies of pharaohs with red hair are found – red hair is the least common color of hair, the distribution of red hair is about 1% in the world, but in Scotland and Ireland around 10 – 13 % of the population has red hair, with 30 – 45% carrying the red hair gene; 70% of men in Britain have a genetic profile related to King Tutankhamen of Egypt (while less than 1% of modern day Egyptians have that same genetic connection):

  • Now, does GOD know how to intentionally muddy the water, or what?
    History records "TWO exoduses" - alluded to when comparing Solomon to Ethan, Heman, Chalcol, Darda and the sons of Mahol - we know from history, Darda (Dardanus) was one who founded the Greek City States (1 Kings 4:31; 1 Chronicles 2:6), but that's another story...
    The Bible records in Ezekiel 23 - 2 nations exodused out of Egypt. Aholah - Samaria, the 10 "Lost Tribes" of the Northern Kingdom (ISRAEL); and Aholibah - Jerusalem, the 2 Tribes of the Southern Kingdom (JUDAH)

  • Exodus 17:1-9 - The ROCK: Moses was told to smite the "tsuri"; Numbers 20:1-13 Moses was told to speak to the "sale" - NOT to strike it a second time; 1 Corinthians 10:4 - talks about a Stone that followed them through the wilderness

  • Where did that Stone go? To the swap meet?!

  • We understand that faithless ROME has been bypassed in these remarkable promises of God, but Daniel lets us know it will be around until the end, smashing and destroying until the whole world is broken, and we notice the many personalities in news and government and industry positions who are roman, but the only consolation we give them is what the beloved John wrote: Come out of her My People -- those who truly love and serve the Lord, throw down the hocus pocus, and leave her before it is too late; because what is coming will be ugly.

  • The Coronation Stone of Scone is called by other names - most prominently Jacob's Pillar and is placed underneath the St. Edward's Chair for every Coronation. In the last days, before Messiah returns, the monarchy will not resemble, King David, -- a man after God's own heart, but will be no different than the the fool kings of Judah and Israel, who did evil in the sight of the Lord; the last royals,will be as disgusting as King Manasseh who murdered Isaiah the prophet -- and untold others. Most royals, will go down to the pit, never to be rememberd any more -- especially those who have done great evil to children and the poor.

Ask yourself… WHERE on earth are God's promises to Abraham and his generations fulfilled? And what Nation or Nations will help protect and defend Jerusalem in the Last Days? Are you ready to find out?...

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