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Where are they? Epilogue KJV-lite NOTES
Mount of Olives

THERE You have it...

...80 PROMISES to the HOUSE of ISRAEL... although there are many, many more promises found in the Scriptures.

...80 PROMISES... not fulfilled in the JEWISH people, the CHURCH or CHRIST.

...80 PROMISES to the HOUSE of ISRAEL... that are nationalistic in nature specifically characterizing the descendants of two brothers - MANASSEH (the older - who would become a GREAT NATION) and EPHRAIM (the younger - who would become a COMMONWEALTH of NATIONS) - both existing in time, never really lost, ruling in their fullest expression... when the time of the Gentiles comes to an end; when HERODIAN proxies infiltrate to seize power, to dominate, to embezzle for their own purposes and destroy, then we have to acknowledge something has gone terribly wrong -- starting with citizens who grew careless; and their love for God grew cold.

DOCUMENTARY: THOSE of ancient ROME mentality (those who have no king but caesar) WHO ARE BEHIND EVERY MAJOR EVENT IN RECENT YEARS -- So this what prophet Daniel warned us about... part of the LAST BEAST GOVT smashing and destroying until the whole world is broken.Without a doubt God intended Manaseeh's GREAT NATION AND Ephraim's GREATER COMMUNITY OF NATIONS AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD: WERE TO BE BLESSINGS TO THE WORLD; BUT THE LAST BEAST GOVTof Rome will infiltrat THEM; which WE clearly see in the political leadership and news readers of the day: full of Roman devotees.

In the era of fake NEWS and global injustice and massive inequity, especially with all the missing children -- the least, the most vulnerable throughout the world… we are in an information war; no different than those who lived in the Dark Ages, Daniel tells us that media will be mostly controlled by the last global government. In the Bible, we repeatedly read about the descendants of the good King David, king after king, royal after royal… they did evil in the sight of the Lord. A closer look at what Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel saw, clearly tells us: faithless Ephraim, faithless Manasseh and faithless Judah will all be dealt with harshly, on one of the three remaining days on the calendar of the Lord; most likely the 6th day.

Someone who trusts in the LORD, who seeks His help... builds life differently than those helped by a fool, a villain or a charlatan. And to repeat (from page 1)... This study - "THE PROMISES" is about commitments GOD Himself made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their generations of children "forever". THE PROMISES magnify how wonderful our faithful GOD is... as HE keeps His Word to us in time. This study is NOT about how wonderful any people are (or aren't). As a matter of fact, some of the people might be faithful and grateful to Almighty GOD; while the vast majority are faithless and ungrateful... and downright presumptuously ignorant of His blessings. Remember: to whomever much is given, of that one... Jesus Christ says... shall much be required. (Luke 12:48) Frankly, the nation that turns its back on the living God - with a leadership over-populated with fools and thieves and robbers... is worthy of the shit pile... (now, should anyone be offended with that word, the King James Version - KJV would say: dunghill) of world history. This study inadequately declares the Wonders of GOD's love found in the promised Word... He has given us. And incredible, these PROMISES do not exhaust all the promises GOD has made.

...80 PROMISES out-lining a specific history of people chosen by GOD for HIS (not their) purposes, with specific identifiable markers... including: red, white and blue markers... not very complicated, is it?... that, too often through incredulity and disbelief, have been spiritually interpreted - with eyes fully closed... but with the best intentions to make GOD look good - (just in case HE really wasn't in charge of history).

The problem is: Who really needs a GOD Who makes the claims of a braggart, but can't keep HIS promises? I don't! If HE can't make these promises happen in time, how is HE going to keep the eternal promises HE has made those who trust HIS Son - Jesus Christ?

Well, HE is no braggart (no, He's not like us!); HE is the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: HE is the GOD of Moses who said: I AM who I AM (in other words: I AM whomever I need to be... whomever or whatever I want to be: I AM!) And there is none beside ME! HE spoke to His people; HE still speaks to His people - Like a shepherd to guide, HE says, My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me... even in the 21st Century, and HE intends to do all HE has promised.

Promises like:
  • Come unto ME if you are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest...
  • In this world you will have tribulation, but take courage. I have overcome the world...
  • I go to prepare a place for you that where I am, there you may be also... If it were not so, I would have told you...
  • I will never leave you nor forsake you.

The SAME ONE - GOD and FATHER over all... made all of these promises - promises to HIS Son, on time promises to a chosen people and promises for all eternity to HIS chosen people of faith - HIS PEOPLE of faith found in all nations, tribes and languages. Fortunately, he is a father who keeps his word..

So where are the 1000s of 1,000,000s of children promised to Rebekah... possessing the gates of their enemies? Perhaps, they are still sitting under some palm tree in some middle eastern desert countryside waiting to fulfill their destiny?

IF SO... we can all rest assured the "end days" won't be upon us for another 1000 years or so.

And if the children of the ancient HOUSE of ISRAEL - as numerous as the dust of the earth, the sand of the sea, or the stars of the heavens - are still huddled somewhere near some secluded oasis in some sandy desert watering their unruly camels, waiting to fulfill their destiny... they are too late.

Moreover, they shouldn't be wandering around in the desert. They already did that once! Isaiah 41f is written to ISRAEL in the ISLANDS. What major ISLAND nations exist today? Can you list them?

    There are the Caribbean Islands,
    the Hawaiian Islands,
    the Pacific Islands,
    the Philippines,
    the British Isles
    and a few more, about as remote as Tristan de Cuhna or Gilligan's Island

Now, consider: Which of these Island nations will fulfill the great promise to bring the light of GOD's Word to all the nations? Will it be Castro's Cuba? Or how about Kiribati and the Christmas Islands?

Deductively speaking - the last question that probably needs to be taken into account includes the large population groups of the World:
    the Chinese of Asia,
    the tribes of Oceania and Indonesia,
    the Zulus of Africa,
    the Aztecs and Indigenous Indians of Mexico,
    the Slavs of Eastern Europe, or...
    the Anglo-Saxons and Teutons of Northern Europe and America -
... ... which of these groups of people - with a great Nation and a great Commonwealth of Nations allied like brothers, filled with millions upon millions enjoying privilege and blessing - is most likely to be the Guardian with their brother JUDAH of JERUSALEM appointed by GOD to help protect HIS beloved City in these final troubled times before Jesus Christ returns?

Unquestionably - and without contest, the peoples of the United States of America and the 53+ nations comprising the Commonwealth of the Great British Empire... are contenders of these promises.

World Map of the British Empire

By the way, this essay on God's Promises to a multitude of nations able to push their enemies to the ends of the earth... has nothing to do with the legalistic religiosity of British Israelism and Richard Brothers' strange writings in the late-1700s or those who followed his embellished legalism. Clearly Scriptures says the generations of ISRAEL would no longer practice Old Testament religious traditions. Nonetheless, they would become a great global power in the last days.

The Great British Empire and the United States Of America are the Guardians with their brother JUDAH of Jerusalem in this generation... awakening to fulfill their destiny... and it doesn't look like there's too much competition out there that's gonna be able to change things anytime soon. Of these Brothers, no weapon formed against them shall prosper... though some political-pimples of history will undoubtedly try... much like the local town drunk willing to take on anybody and everybody.

An aside - it is interesting to note that the English words "British" and "Britain" have a similar meaning in the Hebrew language: "brit" = "promise"; and "ishi" = "man"... or "brit" = "promise"; and "ain" = "land" - promised man; promised land

The Scottish Confession of Faith - 1560 - penned by John Knox and 5 other leading pastors of Scotland; read and approved by the Scottish Parliament August 17, 1560.

The great challenge to these brothers: the Greater Commonwealth of Nations... and the Great Nation... is: will they live up to the faith, and hope, and intention of the Lord GOD to generously bless Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... that their children might continue to be a blessing... to the entire world?

Isn't genetics and DNA research interesting? Joseph's 2 sons were 1/2-Egyptian; and Scotia -- where Scotland gets its name, according to ancient Irish history, was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh; in Egypt during the Hyksos era - the foreign shepherds era, numerous mummies of pharaohs with red hair are found – red hair is the least common color of hair, the distribution of red hair is about 1% in the world, but in Scotland and Ireland around 10 – 13 % of the population has red hair, with 30 – 45% carrying the red hair gene; 70% of men in Britain have a genetic profile related to King Tutankhamen of Egypt (while less than 1% of modern day Egyptians have that same genetic connection)

OR, will the leaders of these two great powers (not only, those in positions of public responsibility; but also, in private industry) will they foolishly disregard the Lord’s blessing for His purposes? And will they faithlessly misappropriate... and greedily embezzle state privileges, for their own purposes, their self-aggrandizement; and personal gain?

And we citizen... We, the People... do we know that answer already?

In Ezekiel 38, The LORD speaks of a terrible Day... coming. Verses 10 – 14: are sobering comments to a Nation... identified as the land of unwalled villages, dwelling safely, richly blessed… at the center of the world. In Ezekiel 39, the Lord GOD repeats His warning. Verse 6: speaks unfavorably to... them who dwell carelessly in the isles.

Why? Had their leaders run amuck? And become NO different than all the other nations?

No wonder, we read of the time of the end, when many run to and fro, when knowledge will exponentially increase; and in Daniel 12:10 – Many shall be purified (...many are taken to the cleaners, which always requires turning up the heat, right?)... the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked understand; but the wise understand.

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