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Mount of Olives

WHERE did this happen in TIME ?...

PROMISE 17 - Isaiah 54:14-17 - NO weapon formed against you [ISRAEL] will prosper.

PROMISE 18 - Deuteronomy 33:13-17 - JOSEPH (his two sons) will be exceedingly blessed; able to push to the ends of the earth (that's world dominance); vs12 - Benjamin?; vs18-19 - Zebulun?; vs22 - Dan's mark (Denmark)?

Deuteronomy 32:8 - The MOST HIGH gave the nations... and set the boundaries of peoples according to the sons of Israel. (Don't worry about "fairness". If GOD did it, who will argue with HIM?... Well, let's put it another way: Who will argue with HIM... and win?! What GOD declares, HE does.)

PROMISE 19 - Hosea 1:9-10 - Lo-ammi not MY people, yet they will be as the sand of the sea and the stars of heaven. In a future place (another place), those who are not MY people will be called... sons of the Living GOD!

PROMISE 20 - Hosea 1:11 - Then (in that other place) the sons of JUDAH and the sons of ISRAEL will gather together.

PROMISE 21 - 2 Chronicles 13:9 - have you not driven out the priest of the LORD, and the sons of Aaron (Levites) - and made yourselves priests ( Ephraim's ISRAEL would no longer keep Levitical ceremonies or practices.)

PROMISE 22 - Jeremiah 1:6-10 - Jeremiah would become a prophet over nations and kingdoms (plural)... to tear down, destroy... AND to build and plant! (Where did Jeremiah "build and plant"?) (By the time Jeremiah wrote, ISRAEL -"the 10 Lost Tribes"- had already gone into Assyrian captivity 170 years earlier.)

PROMISE 23 - Jeremiah 3:12 - proclaim these words to the North the direction the House of Israel went into captivity...

PROMISE 24 - Jeremiah 3:15 - I [GOD] will give you shepherds who will feed you on knowledge and understanding (not feelings, emotions and miracles)

PROMISE 25 - Jeremiah 3:16 - (In the end times of the Gentiles)... when ISRAEL will be multiplied and increase, no more will they say "the ark of the covenant" (They won't even think about or remember the old religious practices.)

PROMISE 26 - Jeremiah 3:18 - The HOUSE of JUDAH (the Jews) will walk to the HOUSE of ISRAEL (Joseph's two sons Ephraim and Manasseh - in their future place - another place where they become more numerous than the sand of the sea and the stars of heaven).

PROMISE 27 - Jeremiah 3:18 - Together JUDAH and ISRAEL will come from the land of the north to go to the land [GOD] gave to Abraham for a perpetual inheritance... which is exactly what happened with the Balfour Declaration of November 1917. (December 1917 - the British General E. Allenby walked into JERUSALEM taking back that city 2520 years after they went into captivity.)

PROMISE 28 - Jeremiah 15:10 - Jeremiah would be a man of strife and contention to all the earth... (Where? When? Jeremiah 39-43 - Baruch, Tia Tephi and remnant daughters of HOUSE of JUDAH disappear from Biblical history at Tahpanhes Egypt) (Jeremiah 43:13 - Obelisks of Heliopolis - (now in Vatican Square)(Jeremiah 10 - Birth of Tammuz, Feast of Saturnalia - December 25th - predating the Christmas tradition)

PROMISE 29 - Jeremiah 15:11 - Jeremiah's enemies would treat him good, and make requests in a time of disaster. Where?

PROMISE 30 - Jeremiah 15:14 - ... bring into a land you do not know. (The lives of Jeremiah and the daughters of the HOUSE of JUDAH will be spared and kept safe able to build and to plant the Nations. Where did this happen? And why is the name Jerry or Gerry the most popular name for males in Ireland?)

PROMISE 31 - Jeremiah 16:13 - GOD would hurl [Jeremiah] out of this land to a land [he and his] fathers have not known.

PROMISE 32 - Jeremiah 16:16 - The LORD will bring the children of ISRAEL from the land of the north and all the lands where HE had driven them. Many fishermen, and afterward many hunters will find them on every mountain and hill. My Eyes are on all their ways. They are not hid from My Face says the LORD.

(ISRAEL would not be hid from GOD. How could they be? GOD is neither blind nor stupid, though apparently, HE has a great sense of humor marching these LOST people through the streets of history dressed, not in camouflage, but arrayed in impressive panoply for battle - their splendid Red Coats? HIS Word says they would be lost to history, but NOT lost to HIM.

By the way, a simple study of heraldry - of ancient colors and symbols of families, quickly reveals for example: In Exodus it is written 24 times - so we are talking about the earliest record: the people of God... led by Moses the great law giver... carried many items through the wilderness 3,000 years ago... into the promise land. And what were the colors? Purple, the color of royalty: and also we read: scarlet, blue and fine linen. Well? Did you get it? red... blue and fine line = white! Since Moses, the people of God, often called: the people of the Book... carried with them items of: red, white and blue! History is interesting, isn't it?)

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WHERE ... did this happen?


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