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More Promises of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Cleopatra's Needles - a coincidence in TIME...?

In ancient Egypt, in the sprawling public square facing the Temple of On stood three granite Obelisks. On (Heliopolis to the Greeks; Beth-Shemish to the Hebrews) is the birthplace of Joseph's two sons - Manasseh (the older) and Ephraim (the younger). According to hieroglyphics inscribed on each stone momument, one of the three Obelisks was set up in the 12th dynasty while the other two were set up in the 18th dynasty. The oldest Obelisk still remains in its original location today, but the two that were erected at the time when Manasseh and Ephraim were born have been relocated far from Egypt.

Remarkably in 1819, one Obelisk was presented by Mohammed Ali to Great Britain and was moved to the center of London (raised on: September 12, 1878). From the British and Foreign Bible Society, we learn that various copies of the Scriptures - the Bible in English and French, the Pentateuch in Hebrew, Genesis in Arabic, and 215 translations of the verse: John 3:16... were embedded as a memorial for future generations to consider, in the massive pedestal on the Victoria Embankment of London's Thames River.

The other Obelisk (arriving in New York City in 1880) was presented to the United States by the Khedive of Egypt governing as a viceroy of the Sultan of Turkey (between 1879 and 1914) who offered it in the hope of stimulating economic development in his country.

According to the Central Park Conservancy, "the oldest man-made object in New York's Central Park is this Obelisk located directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is also known as Cleopatra's Needle, although the original dedication of the Obelisk in fact had nothing to do with Cleopatra." She simply authorized its first move from On to Alexandria.

And again, "Moving the Obelisk from Alexandria in Egypt, to Central Park was nearly as grand an effort as its original construction. Moving a 70 foot, 244 ton granite needle, first from vertical to horizontal, then into the hold of a ship, across the Mediterranean Sea, and over the storm-tossed Atlantic Ocean without breakage was no small task. It took four months just to bring it from the banks of the Hudson River to the Park! The final leg of the journey was made across a specially built trestle bridge from Fifth Avenue to its new home on Greywacke Knoll."

As the population of London - the most populous city of Ephraim's great commonwealth of nations, radiates outward from its Obelisk standing guard along the Thames River in the heart of the capital city, so also it is interesting to note that the Obelisk in Central Park marks the "heart" of New York City - the most populous city in the great nation of Manasseh's generations.

These two Obelisks directing us from the birthplace of Ephraim and Manasseh are two great waymarks still pointing us to discover Ephraim and Manasseh today - the latter having developed into "a great people"; the former into "a great company of nations". And all this was foretold in Genesis chapter 48. The Cleopatra Needles of London and New York - erected some 3400 years later in the two largest cities of these great nations... stand as tests of time and sign posts for eternity.

Isn't genetics and DNA research interesting? Joseph's 2 sons were 1/2-Egyptian; and Scotia -- where Scotland gets its name, according to ancient Irish history, was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh; in Egypt during the Hyksos era - the foreign shepherds era, numerous mummies of pharaohs with red hair are found – red hair is the least common color of hair, the distribution of red hair is about 1% in the world, but in Scotland and Ireland around 10 – 13 % of the population has red hair, with 30 – 45% carrying the red hair gene; 70% of men in Britain have a genetic profile related to King Tutankhamen of Egypt (while less than 1% of modern day Egyptians have that same genetic connection)

You know, a quick study of heraldry - the art and science of symbols, insignias, pageantry and geneology ought to make anyone wonder why the flag of Ephraim, the great commonwealth is called: the Union Jack. Who is Jack... and what is the union of Jack all about? Oh, is that about their father Jacob? As in: Abraham, Isaac and then ... the next guy, right? And do you wonder why the flag of Manasseh, the great nation is called: Old Glory! Whose glory were they remembering? Prophet Hosea says, in the place they would go, they would be known as the children of the living God.

By the way, even the Pilgrims escaping tyrannical Rome's brutal inquisition with its deadly spirit of fear and superstition... coming to the West to enjoy religious freedoms... in 1620's declared, "We are Manasseh - the vine gone over the wall" - directly quoting a promise to Joseph's sons in Genesis 49. History is so interesting, isn't it?!

By the way, the prophet Daniel tells us... that same spirit of death... and fear and superstition is still at work today... infecting most governments and institutions and systems of power throughout the world. But don't worry! Daniel says the 4th brutal government will be around until a Rock (and that ain't Peter)- perhaps, the Rock of Ages... comes and smashes it into dust!

By the way, the Bible is so interesting, too... especially when you read it.KJV-lite Verses

Ask yourselfWHERE are the promises to Abraham and his generations fulfilled? And what Nation or Nations will assist to protect and defend Jerusalem in the Last Days? ... More Promises of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

JESUS CHRIST, The WORD made flesh: This is what we believe and affirm.

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